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Juul now sold in Montreal

Juul Labs is finally coming to Canada and we are proud to say it are one of the first vape shops in Montreal to have stock in the devices and pods.

Co-founder James Monsees said reffering to Canada “Its effectively our

backyard”and that Juul was eager to offer 5 million or so smokers a safer and healthier alternative to cigarettes.

Juul Labs Inc. decision to sell in Canada followed a Canadian legislation passed earlier this year that was intended to regulate the Canadian vaping industry. The law issued new legal framework to protect young people but still allow adults a healthier alternative to smoking. Monsees said this new law allowed Juul entry into Canada.

Juul Labs claim that over 1 million cigarette smokers have successfully switched over to their “closed pod vaping system with temperature regulation designed to provide consistent nicotine delivery.”

In order to prevent their ecig devices from falling into the hands of youth, Juul Labs said they will use age verification technology where their products are sold online in Canada as well as deploying secret shoppers to evaluate Canadian retailers.

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